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May 01, 2008


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thank you! i'm gonna try it!


Varenia: thanks for your lovely comments. And congratulations on your pregnancy; that is wonderful. I understand you not wanting to invest so much time and effort in making something that you can only wear for a short time. Judging from all the lovely dresses you make, I think you will find this pattern simple. The part which I find most tricky is the zip but I was lucky in that at the fabric store, the lady told me about invisible zips with a special foot for your sewing machine. This was really a great discovery, I can tell you. Regarding Burda, I discovered that some of their patterns now include a seam allowance. Thanks again for stopping by.


that dress is gorgeous! looks lovely on you! i've recently purchased a few simplicity patterns to make dresses for myself, but have been hesitant as i'm about 4 months pregnant. not really "showing" yet (just chubby, ha ha) but don't want to put all that effort into something i might only wear for a month. i've really been wanting to purchase that first pattern in top photo, though. the blouse looks very forgiving, maybe something i could wear after baby. would you recommend it, as being fairly simple? also, i've stayed away from burda for the same reasons (figuring out seam allowances) but just bought a pattern for my son and all of the new patterns, at least the ones i saw, have seam allowance as part of the pattern now, yay! i'd love to see if you make anything else with those patterns, great job! :)

melissa sews

Aima, that dress fits you so well! I am impressed!!!

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